Monday, December 23, 2013

Happy Holidays from West Virginia!

Happy Holidays from West Virginia!

I took a sabbatical from writing and blogging as I do every Holiday season and will return on 31 December with a blog of my favorite highlights of 2013. I hope you've been well during my blog absence and that you are enjoying your Holidays, so far! Ozzy, Pierre and I are well, thank you :)

Taking a break from writing is necessary for me so that I am fully present during the Holidays with my family and friends. I was able to attend to the pesky tasks at home that I'd neglected that help my home run smoothly and even had time to tackle stripping and sanding the steps on my staircase with my DIY buddy...which turned out to be a monster of a task. I need more time to finish the steps and will return to the job after the Holidays. How many layers of paint, stain and varnish can be applied to 108-year old steps? Tons, we found out! Can you say Icy Hot and Ben Gay?

The Holiday wreath hangs on the front door with berries and pine cones, the white twinkly lights light up the front window and the mantle is decorated with fresh greens and dried roses from the rose garden next door. I didn't steal...that's called pruning :) My home looks festive and cinnamon and evergreen candles offer Holiday aromas. No holiday tree this year, however. I'm traveling to Northern Virginia to spend Christmas with my children and family and will return before the New Year. I will be glad NOT to have to take down the tree and put away ornaments when I return!

I'm blessed and so very grateful for this day, albeit rainy and gray. Our 11 inches of snow came too early in the year and it doesn't look like we're going to enjoy a White Christmas. I'm not bothered with that, however. I'll soon be with my family and that's all that matters to me. 

Family, love, friends, peace, good health, prosperity, and joy. That's what on the menu this Holiday season.

Merry Christmas to you and yours! Yes, I keep Christ in Christmas and send my blessings to you.

Ellie xo