Saturday, August 3, 2013

Google Blogger for Dummies and Social Media Questions

Good morning, world!

I enjoy checking my blog statistics and traffic sources before I sit down to write a blog post. I'm funny like that. This has become a daily habit since I discovered that I have dozens of fans in Russia, China, India, Australia, Germany and one lonely fan in Latvia (today). I check my reader's locale, what search words they've used to find me and just this morning, I discovered that I must be in the book, Google Blogger for Dummies. This is quite an honor if indeed this is true.

Just a little while ago, I clicked on my TOP search and I was referred by to a page where I can buy the book, Google Blogger for Dummies. Smile. Not bad, people. Well, of course, I'm curious, but I'm not buying the book nor the scam if that's what it is. What's the deal with so many 'readers' in Russia and China??

It could be a situation where my blog is used as "What not to do when writing a blog!" Wouldn't that be a hoot :) My friend K says that my blog is probably used in foreign universities, in English as a Second Language classes, and I think that it may be that my blogs are read in classes on foreign social media. I imagine my blogs are read aloud in classes all over the world as THE MODEL for writing a blog. Yes, my tongue is in my cheek. Highly doubtful, but my numbers don't lie! I've had over 5,400 page views since I started The Writing Life, not a bad number, eh?

So, what do I do with this information? Not a whole lot. I change my blog password quite a bit and I just keeping writing and blogging. I will keep checking traffic sources and continue to query agents, small publishers and the biggies in NYC. 

If there is a publishing company that is interested in me and publishing my book, A Decent Woman, make yourself known! My passport is up-to-date!

Have a nice day :)

Peace and love,

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