Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Much-Needed Creativity Boost!

I'm back from an awesome two-week vacation which took me to Chincoteague and Assateague Islands in Virginia and Salvo, South Carolina with my kids and friends. It was my second visit to Chincoteague Island and my first to the Outer Banks (OBX) which I thoroughly enjoyed. 

My children joined me on Chincoteague Island for Labor Day weekend which was an amazing drive. I needed that time with my kids. I've missed them so much and when they left the cottage on Tuesday, I missed them even more! How is that possible?! I was a motherly mess :)

I was thankful to have a second week of vacation in the Outer Banks. I drove new roads, saw new vistas and I love a road trip! To say that I've returned home relaxed and creatively energized would be an accurate statement. I walked the long stretches of beach in the morning and prayed as I sat watching the high waves roll in and out. I sat on oceanfront porches, balconies, benches, and beach chairs on this trip, and took hundreds of photographs of amazing sunrises and sunsets. I played in the surf, found gorgeous shells, and learned to fish in the surf which was a first for me.

The most beautiful thing that happened to me was meeting new friends through a mutual friend who invited me to OBX. Every member of this wonderful family made me feel welcome and were gracious to share their amazing beach house and family vacation with me. God knows what we need and this family included beautiful children who ranged in age from three to sixteen. I needed children around me after my children returned to the DC area! I was so happy to have spent time with this family and even happier to learn that they live near me. We will definitely see each other again.

I didn't read one book nor did I journal or blog on my two mini vacations--a first for me! I left my novel-length manuscript, A Decent Woman at home and although I brought a book to read, had my Kindle with me with plenty of ebooks, and packed an empty notebook, creative wells were empty.  I purposely didn't bring my laptop and didn't read the newspaper nor watch the news. I wanted to fully experience every single day--to be present.

It was clear to me as I drove to Chincoteague Island early in the morning on my first day of vacation--I needed beautiful vistas, new experiences and food for my soul. I got that in spades on this trip. What a blessing!

So, now I'm back to blogging, querying agents and publishers, editing my novel (can never edit enough!), and writing my new book, Finding Gracia on El Camino. In October, I'm attending the Second Annual Latina and Latino Writers Conference in Brooklyn, NY. It's my first writers conference and I'm excited and have plenty to do to prepare.

As I sit at my writing desk, listening to thunder and watching much-needed rain fall on the late summer flowers in my side garden, I have renewed hope, vision, and creative energy for my 'baby', A Decent Woman. My creative well is full.

Peace and love,


  1. First, I've missed you! Secondly, I'm glad you were able to recharge those writing/editing/querying batteries. I have no doubt it was a much-needed break. It's good that you got to spend some time with your kids, and make new friends. Sounds like a wonderful time! Now, get back at it, lovey!

  2. Hey, Linda! Thanks, I'm happy to see you! Yes, a much-needed break and a feast for the eyes. Yep, time to get back at it! Happy Friday to you!