Saturday, September 14, 2013

Preparing to Go Inward and Getting More Writing Done

This morning in West Virginia was glorious. I watered the gardens and potted plants in a cotton sweater against the crisp air and I was in heaven. As I mowed my lawn, I wondered when the last time for mowing would be this year and realized that I needed to think of another way to burn calories. Writing means I'm sitting down for hours upon hours...must walk more.

My Pug enjoyed the cooler temps, as well. He wasn't his usual panting self, but he ate fallen grapes from the Concord grape arbor which apparently are toxic for dogs. Well, I sweep them away every morning, but Ozzy didn't get the memo. He hasn't gotten sick in three years of eating grapes and I don't know how to stop him. What can you do? It's the time of the year when they fall onto my patio and he loves being outdoors.

On September 22, 2013 at 4:44 pm, we'll be in the autumnal equinox, my favorite season of the year. Fall in West Virginia brings crisp, chilly days, apple butter, local harvest festivals, hearty soups and stews. I love Fall and am completely ready for the change in season in my neck of the woods. Fall and winter are my favorite writing months and I love to write.

Autumn is the time of year when we straddle the inside and outside world and begin looking inward with the shorter days. Like a pregnant woman near her delivery date, I begin to nest the week before the equinox. I wash out the red crock pot, air out my cotton sweaters and search for heavier blankets for my bed and naps on the couch. I'm preparing my garden by putting down heavy mulch and bringing in more delicate potted plants. It's a cozy season, perfect for writing. My garden doesn't need me as much in the fall and I will enjoy the changing leaves from my dining room window where I love to write.

I have two short trips planned in October: my first writer's conference and a visit with my father and his wife. After that, I plan on turning into a semi-hermit at home with an occasional weekend at the river before the river season ends. We don't have a generator at the river, so I'll be closing up the first weekend in November. It's beautiful there in the fall, but chattering teeth isn't conducive to good writing. I'll enjoy my city home and am looking for a fire pit for my patio for cold nights when I want to be outside with friends.

I always plan on less distractions and more writing time during the fall and winter months. I don't add anything to my calender except for Thanksgiving and Christmas with my family unless I am invited to the islands in which case, I go! I've got a novel to finish and autumn is the perfect time to settle down and get stuck into my second novel, Finding Gracia. My first novel, A Decent Woman is finished and hopefully, will be picked up soon by an agent or a publisher. Please, God.

I've enjoyed a superb summer this year with many road trips with family and friends. I visited new places and met new people and soon, it will be time to go inward with my thoughts and my characters. I will enter another world and will be in my head a lot more than normal. Whatever normal is :)

Happy weekend to you.


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