Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Author Platforms and the Russian Connection??

I was thinking of author platforms this morning as I perused my Facebook list. I didn't even know what an author platform was until after I printed out the final copy of my manuscript! Do I have a strong enough platform? Where will future of my debut novel, A Decent Woman, come from? And, why do I have a strong blog following in RUSSIA? What's all that about??

Back to author platforms and where they may come from in my new experience: My father has always called me the family cheerleader. I'm a doting aunt to my nieces and nephews and I'm the only adult that some of my nieces and nephews include as friends on their Facebook pages. Several of my children's friends have included me, as well. I know that's an honor and I treat it as such. Kids of all ages smell bull crap a mile away, so I take the friendship add as a compliment.  Kids like me and I like kids.

Okay, so I might have some young readers. Who else? What's the Russian following about? I've checked out my blog page views and traffic sources and would love to know why there is a high percentage of Russian readers. They are #2 on my list, preceded by the US and followed by Germany, Belgium and Austria. My friend seems to think that maybe Moscow University has writing students reading American blogs. I immediately thought someone was trying to steal my identity! Both Virgos and how we differ! Ha ha!

So, back to author platform. I am Puerto Rican by birth and speak fluent Spanish. I graduated from high school in Puerto Rico, I've lived overseas several times in my life, and I've worked as a Spanish language refugee case worker in Belgium and as a Family Support Worker in Northern Virginia. It makes sense that I have a lot of Spanish speaking and non-Spanish speaking friends in the US, the Caribbean and abroad. I've joined Latina blog sites and I follow Latina bloggers. I joined The 100 Best Latina Blogs and I've been interviewed by a Latina blog site.

I'm on Twitter as a Latina author and have friended nearly 400 Latina(o) fellow tweeters which leads readers to my blog. As much as I dislike tweeting on a regular basis, it seems to work in adding numbers to my readership. I also have an inspiration board on my Pinterest page for my novel, A Decent Woman and a board where I pin photos, books, and interesting pins about Puerto Rico. Am I doing enough to build an author platform?

I might join the library reading or poetry reading circuits...reading excerpts of my novel and my poetry. That might be interesting, actually. Note to Self: find a Shakespeare & Co in or near WV and start visiting coffee houses near me.

I read historical fiction and have begun following blogs of historical fiction and women's fiction authors. This will continue before, during and after the publication of my debut novel...but, what's the deal with the Russian connection? I just can't let that go because it's such a mystery to me! Has any other blogger looked at their page views and traffic sources and discovered a high percentage of page views from Russia? Inquiring minds wanna know!

Off to Demel, the oldest kaffee haus in Wien and to light candles at Stephansdom and Karlskirche, two amazing churches in downtown Vienna.  One candle will be lit for my children, another for my friend and her family, and the third for me and my novel...I think I'll light one for my agent, as well :)

Peace and love,

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