Saturday, April 13, 2013

One Round-trip Ticket, Please.

I'm surprised I've fallen asleep the last two nights and even more amazed that I slept through the night. I don't even want to blog about it because I'm afraid that I'll jinx myself or anger the gods in some way. But since my blog is about the writing life and my journey from novel-length manuscript to finding an agent to being published, I will. The agent who asked me for an exclusive read last month has asked for my entire manuscript two nights ago! I haven't felt that kind of happy in a very long time!

If you don't write books and aren't aware of how difficult and nearly impossible it is to have an agent reply positively to a query letter, then you might just say, "woopdidoo." I imagine an agent receives hundreds of query letters a week if not thousands, so to receive a positive response is awesome. If you DO write books and know how difficult it is to have an agent reply to a query letter and ask for sample chapters, you can still say, "woopdidoo" and I wouldn't be offended. But, I'm thrilled. The agent did reply to my query letter with three sample chapters and asked for the entire manuscript!

I didn't just hear back, I HEARD BACK. I had to read his email three times before it sunk in. He thinks my writing is wonderful, wished he had the entire manuscript because he enjoyed my first three chapters and he wrote the email from 37,000 feet up in the air on his way to the London Book Fair :) I think that's the most amazing thing! The first thing I did was pray and thank God. Then, I wrote back and thanked the agent! I immediately sent the agent's email to my kids who I knew would be so pleased for me. And then, of computer gave me problems. All. night. long. At that moment, I would have hawked my car for a round trip ticket to London to personally hand the manuscript to the agent! I wasn't able to send my manuscript as a single file for whatever computer reason or something I was doing wrong, it just wouldn't go! But, I managed to fall asleep and in the morning, I worked at it and sent that manuscript three different ways to the agent! I wasn't leaving anything to chance. Done!

NOW the real waiting game begins and the worries, self-doubt and anxiety are back in place. Yesterday, I tried to put it out of my mind and not allow myself any negative thoughts. This will happen, I kept telling myself. I've got an interesting, original story to tell and I've done my homework for years. I've worked on my writing and the manuscript for years. What if the agent doesn't like the rest of the manuscript?? What then??

Well, I'll go right back to reading the manuscript for improvement where necessary and I'll continue writing my second novel.

I suppose the real waiting game is after you secure the agent of your dreams and you wait for a publishing company to pick up your book. More waiting, jangled nerves, nail biting, and patience required there! It's just the nature of the beast, but there isn't just one book in me, there are many. I have a series planned with novel #2 as the first installment. I'll just keep writing and tell the best story I can each and every time. I will keep on keeping on.

So, what does my best girlfriend do after she hears about the lovely email from the agent of my dreams? She congratulates me and invites me to visit her for a few weeks so that I don't wait by the phone and check my emails a dozen or more times a day. My friend is a smart cookie and such a good friend! She knows me well. Of course, I'm taking my laptop!!

 "Your writing is wonderful." That compliment had me 37,000 feet up in the air and I haven't come down since.

Peace and love,


  1. I'm so excited for you, Ellie! I look forward to hearing the "next chapter."

  2. Thank you, Ash! I'm excited, too! But, have to keep myself grounded just in case it's a false start :)We both have many new chapters lately, don't we? Hope things in OK are going beautifully!

  3. Look at your future unfolding, E! So very happy for you.

  4. Hey Linda! Sure could use your prayers for a positive outcome with the agent! Thanks so much! I hope you are well, girlfriend!