Thursday, May 23, 2013

Getting Back on the Horse aka Rewriting

Yesterday, I began the rewrites on a couple of chapters of my novel, A Decent Woman, after over a month away from my characters and my story. I had a major interruption with the city's letters to everyone on my historic district block to remove all chipping paint from brick. My brick duplex house wasn't as bad as others and it was a pain in my arse and my pocket book, but it was worth it.

I love how my house looks now and while I had the workman there, I had the old metal awning and storm door removed, as well. This morning, a friend picked it all up. My house looks like a proper row house now and my garden is happy with all the rain we've been getting. Now, if I could just NOT go onto Pinterest for ideas for a great looking front stoop!

Getting back to a manuscript after a month away feels much like falling off a horse and feeling a bit of fear about getting back on. But, if we intend to keep writing and are committed to writing, we have to get back on the proverbial horse. I intend to ride off into the sunset with my writing, but I had a few preparations to make to ensure a full day of writing. I have no plans for Memorial Day weekend, so I needed to set the stage for some profitable and positive writing time this weekend and into next week, as well.

I've already created the perfect writing space for myself in my dining room, but it needed clearing after being out of the country for a month. My head needed clearing, as well. I can't write with distractions. I called, texted and emailed my kids, friends and family. I checked Facebook for birthdays and okay, I played Words With Friends with my cousin's daughter and friend early this morning! I stacked bills in a pile for next week...there's always next week for bills. I cleared my dining room table cum writing table of unnecessary items, books, bills (ugh), and papers. I even dusted the table! Sounds silly, but we all have our creative rituals. I know when it's right and we all know our personal distractions. If I don't create the perfect writing space and time, no one will do that for me.

While the water boiled for tea, I perused Pandora for the right channel to listen to while writing. I selected my Rodrigo and Gabriela channel, two classical guitarists I love. When I'm writing, I can't listen to words. It's strictly instrumental for me and I LOVE Spanish songs played on a classical guitar, so Rodrigo and Gabriela, Armik, Jesse Cook and Ottmar Liebert are perfect choices. When I get tired of guitar, I switch to cello concertos, Bach or Mozart. I turned off my phone, closed the drapes so that I wouldn't be distracted by my garden and neighbors, and put the AC on as it's been really humid. I created my cave and immediately felt great and at peace. I made a pot of Earl Grey and patted my dictionary and thesaurus. I keep a photo of my mother and grandmother nearby as well as a picture frame with a photograph of my children that I love. I said my prayers.

The last thing I did was remove the Writer's Digest Novel & Short Story Writer's Market and the Guide to Literary Agents books from the dining table so that I don't think about being picked up by an agent, my author platform or a publishing while I'm writing. I need only think about writing the best novel I know how to write; a book I'm proud of. The rest will take care of itself or I'll self publish...which I think about more and more.

As I write this blog post, my Pug snores lightly on the floor beside my chair and the cat is draped across my coffee table. Again, I'm reminded of how blessed and fortunate I am to be doing what I love. I'm grateful. I created this writing world and life for myself and I'm enjoying it to the max.

All is well in my writing world this morning! Ahem, it's actually 1:24 pm, but who's checking :)

Happy writing to you.


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