Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Such Profound Sadness...

I want to share a writing exercise I enjoy when I'm either feeling a bit blocked or feel so scattered that I can't imagine concentrating on my manuscript. Today is that day. In light of the horror, pain and devastation in Moore, Oklahoma, I can only write.

I've selected a photograph that my daughter took while on vacation. At times like these, I am at a loss as to what I should do and I must write out my feelings and emotions. It helps me.

I stare at the photograph until something comes to mind. I love that my daughter thought to have her camera or cell phone with her when she decided to wade in the ocean. My children are wonderful photographers. It's an awesome shot. I notice the rocks and pebbles that are visible on the ocean floor and the beautiful reflection of the sun hitting the surface of the water. I imagine the water is turquoise and the skies were clear. My daughter was happy on that day.

My thoughts soon turn to the ideas of clear and murky. Clarity and darkness. In light of the devastation, horror and unfathomable pain in Moore and Joplin, Oklahoma and other towns in the state, it is a dark day in Moore.The situation in the town feels murky, dark and heavy as I watch the rescue workers fighting to clear debris away, hoping and praying to find more men, women and especially, children alive. Lost pets. Homes and businesses lost. Hundreds of people desperately working through the muck, dangerous, sharp objects, cars, mangled steel and aluminum, searching non-stop for any sign of life or a piece of cherished family memorabilia. It can't be easy to know where to look, but I am deeply touched by people's love, involvement and commitment to the rescue of possible survivors. It's a massive debris field ten feet high and yet, the people of Oklahoma are clear--they will continue in the search and they will rebuild.

Our hearts break for the children and for the parents and family members who don't know where their loved ones are. Heart wrenching to watch grieving parents and family members. Enormous grief. I shed tears of joy as I watched parents reunited with their children with the mountains of debris all around them. Beautiful and so moving.

I pray for strength, courage, and more strength as the people of Oklahoma as they go through the following days, week and months of recovery and rebuilding their town and their lives. I pray for the souls of those lost and especially, for the young children who perished. Sweet angels who sought shelter in the one of the safest places they knew. I am in awe of the teachers and other personnel who sheltered, shielded and cared for the children during this deadly tornado with their bodies and with their lives. All heroes to me.

I will continue to support the residents of Oklahoma with prayers and assistance where I can. I pray that no more tornadoes touch down as hurricane season begins next week across the United States. I wonder when the murky feelings will clear for the good people of Oklahoma. If they ever clear. Such palpable and profound sadness...

Peace and love,

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