Thursday, October 3, 2013

It Takes a Heavenly and Global Village

How many girlfriends and a male friend does it take to get a writer of historical fiction novels to NYC for the Second Annual Latina and Latino Writers Conference that starts Saturday morning at 9:00 am?

Three girlfriends and my pet sitter who is also a good friend! That equals four AMAZING friends who helped make my dream a reality. I have lots of dreams, but attending my first writers conference was one was the most urgent and recent. It's happening in Brooklyn, NY this Saturday. Yep, in two days!

I couldn't see my way forward this week for many reasons and had cancelled my spot at the conference yesterday, hoping someone else could take advantage of the experience. I wrote my blog yesterday and this morning, I had a call and an email:

"You're going. You need to go! What can I do to help?" I'm pretty teary-eyed at the graciousness, kindness and love I received from my friends this morning, but not surprised. Wow. And, wow. I've been blessed with many, many friends who have stepped forward since my divorce and for them, I am SO very grateful.

Since I'd cancelled, I didn't know if my spot was still available. I called this morning and when Nora Comstock of Las Comadres said that my name was still on the list, I was surprised. It was then that I realized that I might still be able to make it to the conference!

Paying it forward, beautiful people, and pure love are what I experienced today and I am humbled and completely blown away.

My pet sitter is available to take care of my babies and my friend Irene is picking me up (we both live in West Virginia, so you can see that this is no simple thing!) and driving me to the train station in Washington, DC for my unbelievably early trip to NYC which my friend Mayra (who lives in Belgium) offered to pay for. I'm leaving and returning the same day. What a whirlwind of a day that will be, but I'm going for it!

So, you see what I'm talking about? It truly took a global village to get me to NYC. Amazing :)

I didn't understand what God had planned for me yesterday and today, my way is clear. I had a talk with God yesterday and put it all at His feet. I removed myself and got out of His way. He and my forever friends moved that mountain for me. Thank you!

The mountain wasn't a life or death situation to be sure, but it felt like a mountain to me this week. My comadres and compadres came through for me today. I'm blessed to have them and all my friends in my life. I'm feeling the love today.



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