Sunday, October 13, 2013

Roughing the Elements

Yesterday, the words wet, soggy, misty, cloudy, drizzly and annoying described the day. Despite the lousy weather, my friend and I were determined to attend the opening day of the annual Apple Butter Festival in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.

My friend and I had circled the weekend on our calendars a month ago and I knew I couldn't let him down. This is his birthday weekend and I was determined to get him to the Festival, even if for an hour or two.

We found parking on a side street and immediately joined thousands of other intrepid souls huddled under tarps, umbrellas, baseball caps and hoodies with their children and soggy dogs on leashes. An hour or two of walking in the rain and dodging other umbrellas and strollers by isn't my idea of a good time, but we rolled up our jeans and I kissed my smooth hair goodbye.

The luscious smells of pumpkin, apple butter, cinnamon and sugar lured and led us directly to a food truck with a huge sign out front that read: Funnel Cakes. The long line of people told us this was the place to be. Despite sidestepping each other's umbrellas, everyone seemed to be in a great mood. I bought two pumpkin funnel cakes and we headed to the relative safety of a small tree to sample the amazing concoction. I'd eaten my first funnel cake when my kids were in elementary school and this was to be my second experience. After the first scrumptious bite of heavenly Pumpkin Funnel Cake with powdered sugar on top entered my mouth, I shut my eyes and for a second, I forgot where I was. My hair frizzed up and a raindrop rolled down my cheek, but I didn't care--I was in heaven!

Perseverance and a positive mindset are what's for dinner. The ultimate rewards of sticking to the highs and lows of a writing project (or any difficult project) and coming out of the valley can be pure magic. If you stick to it. Those of us who left our warm homes on a chilly, rainy day to brave the elements were rewarded with great memories of a fun Fall day in beautiful and historic  Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.

I left a job and the DC area to write full-time and although I don't always see the rewards of my sacrifices every day, I'm getting closer. I can feel it. Roughing the elements is tough at times, but the experiences have been well-worth my efforts and I know the end will be beautiful.


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