Thursday, October 10, 2013

That Important Last Read

How many times have you read your novel-in-progress from start to finish? Can you read your novel without wanting to change every other sentence you read?

I have a hard time with this! I've read individual chapters...oh, I would say about 100+ times and I've read the complete manuscript four times. It's time to read my novel again and today is that day.

It's a rainy, grey morning in West Virginia.  A perfect day for writing and reading; tomorrow promises to be as gloomy a day as today. Strange, right? Well, I always write well and am able to stay in my seat longer when the weather is nasty outside. I figure no one is doing anything fun outside, so I'm not missing anything! 

The temperature outside is right around 66*, so I feel cozy and warm inside with my sweats, sweater, socks and fuzzy boots--my favorite writing outfit. Actually, that's my favorite Fall outfit when I'm home! I've made necessary phone calls, emailed two friends and yes, I checked Facebook. I have a personal FB page and an author page which I keep up-to-date. I even tweeted a few lines to keep current and refer readers back to my blog. All necessary!

This morning, I've decided to read the novel-length manuscript of my historical novel, A Decent Woman, like a new reader would. I'm putting all markers, pens and pencils away and I'm turning off the cell phone. I will make a pot of tea, draw the curtains closed and sit on my couch with my fuzzy blue blanket over me to read my full manuscript...before I make any changes. That's a tough call for me at this point in the life of my book. I immediately see things that I could reword, improve on and explain more clearly! Argh! But, I'm holding back this morning.

I've hired the editor, done the rewrites and then, rewrote some more. I've taken out chapters that weren't helping with story momentum and fleshed out my protagonist even more. I've done all I can humanly do at this point, so all that's left is to reread my story from beginning to end.

Stay warm out there! I'm headed to 1900 Ponce, Puerto Rico in my mind and mind's eye...see ya on the flip side :-)



  1. Hi, Ellie! Well, I haven't been here for several days, so I just took the time to read about all I've missed and catch up. All I can say is WOW! Ain't the Universe wonderful? I'm so happy that friends came through for you, and made one of your dreams happen. They sound amazing. You're feeling it, aren't you? IT'S YOUR TIME, LOVEY! Whichever route you choose, I know you're going to make this thing happen. Your idea for incorporating both novels together sounds very interesting. I usually enjoy books like that very much. Now, I'm off to find your "Conversations with God" blog - did not know it existed, you sneaky girl! Keep your faith, and count me as one of those folks rooting for your success!

  2. Hi Linda! I've kept the Conversation with God blog for my eyes only, but I sure am happy to see you're out there rooting for me, girlfriend! We can't have enough supporters and friends who have our backs, right? Your friendship and good wishes mean a lot to me, so thank you!! I'm feeling like the momentum has picked up and I'm keeping the faith, for sure!

    Today, I'm rereading the manuscript to see if the story stands alone well or if I need to add a present day link to the past...I'm liking that idea very much :)

    Be well and keep reading, Linda! I hope to have an in-person autograph session with you when the time comes!