Thursday, December 20, 2012

Furry Blessings

Good morning to you!

You know how people say that having a pet can change your life?  It's true.  A pet can add much joy, love and comfort to you and only a pet can give you unconditional love. I am a huge animal lover and can't see myself living without pets.  

As a kid, we had a Papillion named Monster (he was feisty!) and a laid back Westie named Ricky who loved to dig much to my parent's dismay.  As a parent, I made sure my kids had lots of animals in the house.  Over the years, we eventually owned four Cocker Spaniels, four cats, a cheeky parakeet named Juju, many fish,  two small lizards and one turtle who loved my ex-husband.  I swear that turtle sat on his rock all day long and when my then-husband bent over the aquarium, that turtle did a jig.  I've never seen anything like it :)

All but one Cocker were rescues and so were two of our cats.  I even kept a small aquarium on our front porch so that my kids and their friends could keep minnows and pond critters from their adventures near the creek in the common area.  Our house was animal central and I didn't have a problem with it.  I felt, "what's one more?"

When my kids were in university, the last two Cockers passed away and when they moved away after college, our two Birman cats, Zach and Mia passed away.  I've been present at all their passings which is traumatic and sad.  I cried and cried to lose my precious babies.

Three years later, Ozzy, a three-year old Pug, adopted me at my local Petsmart and he's my bud!  I take Ozzy to the river and to visit friends who are pet friendly.  He's a great dog and when I wanted another Pug as I loved the breed so much, Lulu entered our lives.  A rescue Pug from South Carolina who grew up on the streets, literally.  She lasted a year with me.  The first dog I've ever "given up on".  Lulu was a sweet girl, but she was also a tough cookie.  Lulu didn't adjust to living with another dog, she wanted to be top dog and Ozzy wasn't having it.  My friend and her daughter now have Lulu and I'm happy that she found a good home. She is top dog at their house!

A year after moving to West Virginia, quite by accident, I met Pierre at our local Humane Society.  Love at first sight :)  He was ten weeks old when I brought him home and Ozzy accepted him immediately.  They are quite the pair and I love watching them play and horse around.  Our new family was complete and I also found a great pet sitter as I love to travel.  Life is good!

This morning, I'm looking into installing a surveillance camera in my kitchen.  Yes, you read right.  The peaceful home Ozzy and I shared is...less than peaceful.  Cats will rearrange your life, force you to rearrange furniture and knick knacks, and remind you to shut doors you previously left open!

I need to see what Pierre (kitten) and Ozzy (Pug) get into while I'm sleeping.  Well, I actually know what they get into while I'm sleeping because the evidence is usually strewn on the kitchen floor.  All over the kitchen floor.  I want to SEE how these capers happen.

Last week, I bought a large box of Rice Krispies because I was craving a big bowl of cereal and at five dollars a box, that's an expensive treat!  I had two bowls the night before and I left the box on the counter.  In the morning, the entire box of cereal was all over the kitchen floor!  This morning, I woke up to a brand new package of napkins, shredded all over the kitchen floor and Pierre has managed to figure out how to open the bottom drawer of my stove!  How does he do it?!

Ozzy never got into anything.  He never got into the trash, into shopping bags, my purse nor did I have to keep the toilet paper roll in a closed basket.  I could leave jewelry lying on my dresser, my placemats on the kitchen table and spare change in a bowl.  Not now.  Pierre is one busy kitten at night and his accomplice Ozzy is right behind him...when the object(s) reach the floor.  I can't leave my coffee or tea unmanned, don't dare have lit candles in the house, have removed objects I don't want broken and I've lost more pens and pencils than I can shake a stick at.  Batteries, Chap Sticks and lighters, too!  God forbid I should leave my laptop open...sheesh.

Pierre has been the impetus to redecorate my house for the Holidays.  Christmas cards are now taped to a mirror, I have no ornaments on my tree (only lights) and the dining table is sans Holiday tablecloth.  I wouldn't dream of wasting money on a Holiday bouquet or flower arrangement and poinsettias are poisonous for animals!  Did my other cats do these things or was I so busy with kids and other animals to notice?  Did I have more energy and less stuff?  Have I grown so stuck in my ways that I didn't notice?

The only change I've had to make with Ozzy since Pierre came to live with us is that the litter box now sits on my dryer and it's permanent...I'll let you figure that one out!

I'm constantly trying to stay one step ahead of Pierre, but when that kitten lays on my lap and purrs, I'm putty in his hands. When Ozzy joins us on the couch and snores lightly beside me, that's pure heaven.  When I need a hug, a kiss and someone to baby, they're right there with me.  What're ya gonna do?  Gotta love animals :)

Peace and love,


  1. Too funny, Ellie. Pierre is keeping you on your toes, isn't he?? Your story reminds me of MacHenry, who not only knocked over our Christmas tree and climbed up on to the kitchen counter and ate everything there, but also flipped back the 9x12 living room rug and ate the foam backing off of it - all in one day! He didn't last long at our house. Luckily, a friend took him off our hands.

  2. He sure is and right now, he's sleeping right next to me because he's tired from his nightly adventures! Ha ha! I love the name MacHenry :) He kept you busy, too! So far, Pierre isn't too destructive, but he sure makes me sweep, a lot! He's actually very gentle as in he allows me to clip his claws with no towel and no ski gloves! That's laid back :) Merry Christmas, L!

  3. I miss celebrating Christmas inside my home because I can't put anything Christmasy, up at all. I have a tree, on the wall, that I ordered out of a catalog. I have a Christmas canvas on the wall that has fibro optic lights that light up on different areas of it and I have a wreath and a Christmas door hanger on the door. That is the extent of my Christmas because of my boys. Mine don't get into closed boxes, thank goodness nor do they get into pencils, pens or anything on my desk, but they get into my alligator plant that I've brought in because of the weather and sometimes one of my ivy plants. I will get up in the morning and find leaves or stems just shrewn all over the floor or dirt, even. They will play in the middle of the night, like its broad daylight and they tire me out, but....I wouldn't have it any other way. :) None of my female cats ever dug or messed up or were nosey or had to roam around looking for things to destroy, but these 2 males are into everything. I guess "boys will be boys" no matter if they are of the human species or animal lol. We are suckers for our pets, that's all I know lol.

  4. I've had three male cats before Pierre and I don't remember any of them being so active or nosy as him! I can see that your boys are related to Pierre! I had to smile (okay, laugh) that your kitties have you redecorating, too! Isn't that nuts?! How we just do what we have to do to keep the peace and sanity in our homes!! LOL! The most "damage" occurs in the evenings and early morning hours, you're right, Dani! Yes, we are suckers :) Give my furry nephews a hug, please and add one for yourself! xx