Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Memories

My sister and I on Christmas morning,1965

Happy Boxing Day to you! 

The day after Christmas is called Boxing Day in the UK because of all the people who go back into stores today with boxes of gifts to return!  I'm not going near a store today, I can tell you that!  I'm headed to the train station around two to catch my four o'clock train to West Virginia - home.

I will board that train with a huge smile on my face, new memories and a warm heart.  I was so blessed to have spent Christmas with my children, friends and family.  We had a wonderful Holiday and I hope you did, too.  We cooked way too much, ate way too much and shared in the cooking and clean up!  Cleaning up after dinner was just as much fun as cooking and eating with my family.  

Interesting to note that the women were cleaning up and putting food away and the men sat on the couch watching TV...what's wrong with this picture??  We kept them busy with three bags of trash that needed to go out and anything else we could think of to include them in the whole Christmas experience :)

I hate to leave my children in Northern Virginia and head home to West Virginia, but I will leave with beautiful memories, tons of pictures to edit and share.  And...I can't say I'm not glad the Holidays are over :)  I also get to see my furry babies tonight and that's great, too.  I've missed them and hope we have snow on the ground.  We had an inch in Virginia this morning, but it's now raining and slowly melting.  Glad I took photos early this morning!

We now head toward New Year's Eve and I don't have any plans.  I've already thought of an outfit if I get asked out, though :) You never know and must be prepared!  If I don't receive an invitation, I just might have a little cocktail party to ring in the New Year with my friends in town.  No reason to ring in the new year alone :)

Then, the editing begins BIG time.  It's time to prepare for the birth of this novel.  I have query letters to write and it's time to push forward in finding an agent and/or getting published out right...I know, I dream BIG!  Hey, I can visualize it, so it will happen, right?!  Right!

2013.  Bring it on :)

Have a beautiful day!

Peace and love,


  1. I love the picture. Sounds like a lovely celebration with your family & friends. I can send you some snow if you need it!

  2. Ellie, I'm so glad you had a wonderful holiday with family and friends. Mine was spent with lots and lots of wind and rain!! It was so hot, 75º and it felt just like any old day, but I'm glad its over. I've already taken down what little decoration I had left. Am anxious to see pics when you are ready to post them up!! I hope 2013 treats you like a queen!! Bring it on! xoxo

  3. Good morning, L! No, thanks! Ha ha! I saw your photos and again, no thanks! Did you uncover your car yet? I left Northern VA with one inch and stepped off Amtrak into four inches and high winds! You should have seen me lugging my suitcase with wheels through the slush one block to my house! LOL! That must have burned off a few Holiday calories! I'm the blond in the photo :) Memories :) Happy New Year to you!

  4. Hot, Dani?! Wow, Louisiana is the place to go if you hate the cold and the snow! Hope you're feeling better, too! You are tooooo sweet :) I hope so, too! LOL! I wish you a very Happy New Year and cooler temps! I'm posting today, but most of them are on FB :) Get yourself on there! LOL! xo