Sunday, December 2, 2012

Relax, It'll Happen

Hi all,

I depart tomorrow morning for Puerto Rico and I couldn't be happier.  This trip came up quickly. I jumped at the chance to see my family on the island when I saw the email from Travel Advisor that informed me about the $262.00 round trip ticket!  Done!  I called my friend D and she was up for a trip, so we booked it.

This week, I had a great week with my novel.  I'm at Chapter 23! I hadn't paid my cable and Internet bill on the 1st and when I thought about it...I thought, "well, let's see how much I get done with no major distractions.  Major work was done, wow.  I took what Julia Cameron, author of The Artist's Way, calls a major break.  I left the world behind.  So, I didn't pay my bill and boy, did I get a lot done!  I'm at chapter 22 with the editing. All good.  I should do this more often, I thought!

So, I planned on leaving my home in West Virginia on Amtrak #30, headed for Union Station in Washington, DC to spend the night with my friend D who is traveling to PR with me tomorrow morning.  I called Amtrak before I left the house and was informed about a 30 minute delay.  No problem. I kept calling and at 11 am, I boarded the train.  I'm headed to Puerto Rico tomorrow morning, I thought.  No big deal.  I love the train and the two hour journey.

Around Harpers Ferry, our train stopped.  Twenty minutes later, we were still stopped and no one knew why. I went in search of a coffee in the Cafe car and was informed that the freight train ahead of us had derailed.  The train behind that one (and in front of my train) called in an emergency.  So, we were delayed.  There's nothing as annoying as wanting to begin your vacation or journey and you can't!  But, I kept calm.

One, no one had been hurt in the derailment and two, I was seated next to a lovely young lady who, as it turns out, I had a lot in common with.  Well, actually...her mother and I could be twins.  Long time marriages, divorce, and her mother and I have made new lives for each other. It was funny to speak to a young woman who was saying the same things I've heard my kids say, "She's on Facebook all the time, she writes a blog, and she's tried Internet dating." :)  Yep, been there, done that!

We made the best of an annoying situation and before we knew it, we were moving. We never exchanged names or numbers as people often do, knowing full well that they'll never contact each other.  We enjoyed our time together and bid each other farewell, wishing each other a wonderful Holiday.  It's all good.

I love the randomness of life.  I love the people we meet as we're going on with the business of life.

I'll toast you with a rum punch tomorrow when I reach Puerto Rico!

Peace and love,


  1. You sneaky Puerto Rican, you! You left us on and Dani and I were getting worried. Then I googled your name and here you are! We're not gonna let you forget us. So there!

  2. I'm glad the editing is going well. Wishing you an enjoyable relaxing vacation. Hugs - ColoradoDreamin

  3. Hi Ellie, I see that Linda has told you that you can't shake us off THAT easily!! LOL I'm so glad you are on your way to PR. I can't want to hear how that goes!! Please keep in touch dear friend. ♥

  4. Linda! LOL! I posted a blog about moving over and will have to repost to let my faithful readers about my new 'home'! You're too funny and I'm SO glad you found me, girlfriend! Hope you've been well!

  5. Hi Dani! I'm now worried about leaving and so many awesome friends behind! I wonder if my post about moving to blogspot never got posted?! I'll go back and check right now! Just back from PR last night :) Be well!

  6. Hi J! Had a wonderful vacation, returned late last night! Will post photos and blogs soon :) Be well!

  7. Hey Girlfriend! Feliz Navidad! I wondered what happened to you!

  8. Hey, Sandy! Glad Elmo and Dani let me know that the blog I wrote about moving to Blogger in October didn't show up! Glad to see you and Merry Christmas to you, girlfriend! Hope you are well! xo

  9. Hey... Much growth I am feeling here. I love your avatar photo and am wondering if I could use it in reference for one of my drawings. My theme is joy and that photo is glowing with it. Love it.

  10. Oh, my goodness!! Euni!! I totally missed your comment and have just found it! Yes, please use it and I'd be honored :) Your work is awesome! Thank you for the beautiful words and for your visit, I've missed you! I hope you received my email on! Be well, dear friend. xx